Edmonton International Fringe Festival, 2008

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by Arone Le Bray

8525- 101 St. (Academy of King Edward School)

THURSDAY August 14 (night of) 11:59 PM
SATURDAY August 16 8:15 PM
SUNDAY August 17 9:30 PM
WEDNESDAY August 20 8:30 PM
FRIDAY August 22 4:15 PM
SATURDAY August 23 6:30 PM

* 60 minute running time

What really goes on in the men's room? A meeting of the minds, a confluence of ideas, a personal search for meaning?  Here's the hook—yes, there is, in fact, a woman in the men's washroom.

Heyday Joel Bazin
Ms. Clementine Daneel Irons
Bongers Shane Turgeon
Wellsley Jadon Rempel
Simon Patrick M. Pilarski
God (voice of) Arone Le Bray
Director Arone Le Bray
Stage Manager Larissa O'Hare
Technical Director
& Design
Joel Bazin
Producer Patrick M. Pilarski

Public washrooms are a necessary evil. They're smelly, kinda drab, always dirty, and the people inside them are complete and total strangers. But we use them every day. Everyone does, from the high-powered lawyer on her way to a business meeting, all the way down to the penniless homeless man, covered in filth. "Occupied" is a snapshot of the downtown LRT washroom on any typical weekday morning, and asks the question that has plagued mankind for centuries: out of margarine and cream cheese, which is the healthier bagel topping?

"Occupied" is a brand new script for the 2008 Edmonton International Fringe Festival!

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