Past Shows:
By Arone Le Bray

(Edmonton International Fringe Festival, 2008)

"You won't find out until the end why Heydey, an ordinary businessman, is sitting on the floor in the LRT washroom ruminating over bagel toppings. But in the meantime, you're really going to enjoy the characters in Occupied, a comedy by Edmonton's Arone Le Bray that addresses status in society from the setting of a men's room. ... From the team that brought us Fringe fave Finer Noble Gases in 2006 comes Occupied, which makes an important comment on class, power and the questionable merits of material wealth. ... a fine and noble play."
— Edmonton Journal, 2008

"Jadon Rempel scores some choice one-liners as a former homeless man and present-day janitor"
— See Magazine, 2008

By Adam Rapp

(Edmonton International Fringe Festival, 2006)

"[Basic Acid Theatre] is a strong, stellar ensemble, arguably one of the best to appear at the Fringe in the last seven years. All five actors deliver memorable and relatable dramedic performances, due in part to a fast and funny script by Rapp, a New York playwright. You won't recognize any of the actors' names -- there's not a Jeff Haslam or John Kirkpatrick in the bunch. ... All five [actors] deserve to be embraced by Edmonton's theatre community."
— 5/5 STARS, Edmonton Journal, 2006

"The play relies on toilet humour, fart-tracks and public urination, but by the end, you will be chilled to the bone and numb like you've had Novocain. "
— 4/5 STARS, Vue Weekly, 2006